Fields of Activity

Studies, Information and Territorial Marketing

To gather, analyze and provide support information concerning territorial planning and management.

To support and implement internationalization processes for companies, regional products and the territory itself.

To enhance and boost the territory to increase levels of life quality and notoriety by matching them with strategies of retention and attraction of people.

Economic Promotion, Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Consulting

To promote, in an integrated manner, the entrepreneurial culture, acting simultaneously towards different target-audiences, and stimulating this culture among different generations, since the childhood until the senior stages of life.

To capacitate, boost and support the elements that are part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

To follow and support entrepreneurs and businessman in the different stages of the entrepreneurial process, since the development of the business idea to the technical support to the creation and consolidation of the company.

To qualify and boost territorial assets towards competitiveness, by promoting endogenous resources and implementing innovation in traditional sectors of the regional productive structure.

Technical Assistance, Training and Quality

To cooperate with public and private entities of the region, in different fields of intervention, aiming to create a favorable environment towards regional and business development, whether in the definition of strategies or in the technical support and consulting regarding the implementation of urban policies, prone to competitiveness and innovation.

To provide training opportunities in a vast set of fields matching the previous diagnosis that assesses training necessities in the region, focusing on the working population, thus contributing to the promotion of innovation and regional economic competitiveness, and to the enhancement of social cohesion.

To implement the Quality Management System, seeking to obtain certification according to the Standard NP EN ISO 9001:2008.

Innovation, Energy and Information Technology

To promote the integrated development of innovative projects in the field of information technologies and energy.

To capacitate the technological development of the region, namely through the SRTT (Regional System of Technology Transfer) and the PCTA (Park of Science and Technology of the Alentejo), in the axis of Innovation, Information Technology and Energy.

To boost and enable the development of shared projects and services of information technology for the local and regional public administration, namely the CTD (Centre of Digital Technology in cooperation with the intermunicipal communities).

To boost the development of a steady and sustainable culture of technology-based human resources in the field of engineering that enhances the development of innovation in organizations and companies.

To implement solid and integrated grounds towards consistent and long-lasting results for the development of the Digital Agenda for Europe 2020.

To promote the innovative and sustainable development of regional cities and villages towards the development of a Smart Region Alentejo (Smart Cities Alentejo).

To promote the development of bottom-up projects in the field of digital accessibilities (i.e. New Generation Networks) in an integrated logic.